A Letter from Ryan & Sarah

We’re a fun-loving family of three whose faith in Jesus is a real, powerful part of our lives. As parents of a young son with a background as educators, we speak “kid” and we find so much joy in our family. We laugh, dance, sing and joke EVERY day. We’re excited to expand our family through adoption. Our hearts are open to a boy or a girl of any ethnicity. We would love to keep in touch with you regularly through letters, pictures, emails, and visits, based on your comfort level. We look forward to adventures together as a family of four: days at the river, camping at the coast, and weekends at the family beach house.

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About Us

When we met through a mutual friend we knew we were meant to be! It was a whirlwind as we built our careers, renovated two homes and finished grad school. Before we knew it we’d been married over ten years. After investing in children as teachers we were ready for a family of our own. We embraced adoption as the way God would grow our family and were blessed to adopt our son in 2017. We love time together hosting parties, singing spontaneous duets to cheesy pop songs, camping, playing games, house projects, and taking care of others. We look forward to life together with two children: “family days,” day trips, dinners at the table with highs and lows of the day, going to church together, and spending lots of time outdoors on the move!

Get to Know Ryan (as told by Sarah)

Ryan is a hands-on dad who puts our family first. He’s instilling in our son a love of God and serving others. Ryan’s superpowers are taking care of people around him, being willing to learn and try new things, leading and encouraging others, and thinking he is way funnier than he actually is. Ryan is a morning person and a coffee addict who starts every day with quiet time to read, write and pray. He really enjoys working on our house, especially making each room just how we want it with custom woodwork. Ryan is especially excited about being active with two children in the pool and on the trails, having them work with him on projects, cooking, and playing (especially building train tracks and intense marble towers!) together.

Get to Know Sarah (as told by Ryan)

Sarah is a thoughtful, hilarious, and loving mom. Sarah’s superpowers are keeping me real, pushing us to do hard things, thinking first of others, teaching our son new skills every day, planning ahead, and making ordinary experiences extra special. She is a talented photographer who captures each moment in our family so vividly. Sarah’s creativity makes it so when she has a vision, she’s unstoppable! Sarah pressed pause on her teaching career the moment our son joined our family.  Sarah fills her days caring for and teaching our son and keeping our household running. She is eager to have two children to be on the go with to mom’s groups, playdates, and trips to the river, beach, zoo, or children’s museum. 

Our Son and Our Families

When our son, Grant, joined our family through adoption in 2017 he turned our world upside down in the most wonderful ways. He’s a smart, curious, active boy. He loves helping others, singing, dancing, playing any game that involves a ball,  and pretending to be a race car driver, chef, barista, or worship leader. He hears about his own adoption story every single day and so excited to become a big brother. We’re excited for our children to share a close bond and grow up together. We love our siblings and that bond that stands the test of time. Time spent with our extended family is a regular part of our days and weeks. Everyone lives within an hour, and many live very close by. We celebrate everything possible together, from birthdays to Easter egg hunts, regular camping trips, and spontaneous BBQs. Both of our families would be thrilled to have another cousin, grandchild, niece or nephew join the crew. Their enthusiastic response to our son’s adoption and their role in his life since then is so precious to us!


Our Home in Washington

We live in a large, comfortable home with four bedrooms and lots of living space. We have worked hard to turn the big, crazy place into our home, renovating nearly every square inch over time. We’re blessed to have plenty of room to host family and friends for birthday dinners, game nights, football brunches, and holidays. We love the peaceful view of the valley and surrounding hills. One large, bright room is all ready to become a nursery! Outside we have a large deck, a huge sports court, and a yard for outdoor adventures. 

Our Promise to You

Your child will hear every day about their story and the role you played in creating our family. We promise to love, support, encourage and laugh with them through all of life.  We will dedicate our lives to nurturing, guiding, and loving our children. We enjoy an open relationship with our son’s birth mother as well as his birth father. That relationship extends to their parents, siblings, and grandparents as well, and would love to keep in touch with you also at your comfort level. We’ve walked this road before and are ready to walk and talk with you as we navigate our unique relationship with humility, gratitude, and a sense of humor.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Ryan & Sarah

  Ryan Sarah
Our EducationMasters degree in Educational LeadershipMasters degree in Education - Literacy
Our ProfessionsElementary School PrincipalStay at home mom (former teacher)
Stay-At-HomePart-time (summer)Yes
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Ryan & Sarah's Favorites
What's your favorite hobby?Carpentry and house projectsPhotography
What's your favorite holiday tradition?Decorating for Christmas the morning after ThanksgivingOur annual top secret Christmas adventures for our nieces and nephews
What's your favorite TV show and movie?This Is Us / National Lampoon's Christmas VacationReality TV / Planes, Trains and Automobiles
What's your favorite food to make?Making brunch for company - brunch is our favorite meal! The dozens of gallons of caramel corn I make with my sister and nieces each Christmas (secret family recipe)
What is your favorite game?Hand and Foot (card game)Rummikub
What's your favorite thing we do as a family?Day trips and "family days" where we get to all be together all day longCamping trips with friends and family and making "camping donuts"
Place to VisitAnywhere near water, but especially the Oregon CoastThe family beach house that's a short ferry ride away
More About Our Family
Our Community

We love where we live!
We enjoy seeing three different mountains as we drive around town. People in our town are connected, and Ryan is convinced Sarah is related to half the town (because she is!) The best part is that we’re a small town that’s close by to Seattle. The schools are well respected with beautiful, modern campuses. It’s the kind of place where we see friends and family every time we go to Target! You can find us poking around the shops in town, at the pumpkin patch, at the children’s museum, walking the trail, and enjoying brunch after church. The places people from "the city" take a day trip to come to see are pretty much in our backyard!

Our Family is With Us on this Journey

Our whole community of family and friends is behind us in this adoption and in our parenting. Our family all live within an hour of us, and half the family lives within a few short miles. Our family fully embraced our son Grant upon his adoption. We will never forget the “reverse surprise party” we had when the family met their newest cousin and grandchild the night we brought him home. They then crowded the courtroom on his official adoption day. All 10 cousins, 4 aunties, 4 uncles, and the grandparents are thrilled to have another child join the crew through adoption. One of our favorite moments was gathering our family and friends to dedicate our son to Jesus and the prayers and songs together in our living room that night.

Our Goal as Parents

We are excited to raise our children to be confident, caring individuals who experience the love of God. We’ve found parenting to be a unique mix of wonderful, challenging, and 100% rewarding. We will work to provide a safe, stable, and loving home for our children. Your child will never lack resources, and their education will be a top priority for us. They'll also be schooled in silliness, sarcasm, staying humble, and always remembering who they are- child of God and members of our family. They will be raised in a loving, stable, consistent home where we strive to take good care of each other and put Jesus first. They will also understand the value of hard work, learning from our mistakes, taking risks, and being resourceful.

Our "Village"

Our children will have an amazing group of cousins - from younger ones to play with to young adults to help shape them as role models and superfans. Time spent with them is a regular part of our days and weeks. We celebrate everything possible together, from birthdays to Easter egg hunts, regular camping trips, and spontaneous BBQs. In the past few years, we had a family float in the Lighted Christmas Parade, boated together on the lake, and camped together on holiday weekends. Our favorite place is the family Beach House which’s a short ferry ride away. We're looking forward to continuing this generation of memories playing on the beach and spending time in a place with a slower pace.
In the past year we’ve done Family Tailgate parties at the local Chick-Fil-A, Saturday morning Zoom calls so the cousins can stay in touch, family game nights, and often our mailbox has a new note from a cousin with a picture or drawing for Grant. Our church family, our "life group," has 15 children under the age of 6! Our village also includes Ryan's best friend in California who we love visiting and relatives in Mexico, Montana, and Michigan.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 4 years old


Yes! Open to twins!


Either gender.

Sibling Group

Open to any sibling groups age 4 and under.

In Closing

That tells you a bit about us, but we’d be honored if you’d reach out so we can get to know you and hear about your hopes and dreams for your child’s future. It’s been a joy to have consistent communication with our son’s birthparents over time. We look forward to talking with you and answering your questions. We will devote the rest of our lives to providing all the love, security and support we can offer. Your child will hear every day about their story and the role you played in creating our family. Please contact Lifetime today to set up a phone or video chat with us!

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