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A Letter from Ray & Michelle

We are so excited to share a little about ourselves with you! We are Ray and Michelle and have been happily married for over 10 years. We feel strongly led to grow our family through adoption. Our children are just as excited as we are about adding another family member to our household!

About Us

We love being together! Relaxing by the fish pond, enjoying local activities, playing on the lake, and snuggling up to watch movies in our bonus room are some of our favorite things to do. Education is important to us, as we both work for our local school district. We share a passion for working with young people through school, church, and personal ministries. Our faith is our greatest commonality. The love we have been given through Christ is the most important gift that we share, and one that we look forward to sharing with your child!


About Ray

Ray is the rock of our family. His courage, faith, and loyalty are unwavering. He enjoys DIY projects and cannot turn down a challenge! He gives everything he does his best effort, whether it be parenting, working, or playing. It’s important to Ray to continually serve others, either through his gifts with technology, his love of fishing, or his passion for playing the drums. He enjoys sharing these activities with youth and really looks forward to sharing them with your child! Seeing Ray as a father to our children has been a source of great joy. His patience, kindness, and gentleness naturally draw children to him.

About Michelle

Michelle is funny, compassionate, and works hard at everything she does. She loves to cook, complete puzzles, and goof off with her family. She uses her gift for connecting with children as a middle school teacher, through her work with FCA, and in her personal ministry with teenage girls  and young adult women. Michelle has a gift with words and enjoys encouraging others. Her love for other people comes naturally, and she looks forward to sharing that love with your child!

Our Children and Family

Chloe is a conscientious, organized, and thoughtful big sister. She enjoys cleaning (yes, really!) and has a tremendous sense of responsibility. Her calm presence and witty sense of humor are a blessing to our household.

Meredith has a genuine heart for others and has been praying for us to adopt for years! She is an excellent athlete, a fun babysitter,  and goes out of her way to make people laugh.

Luke is silly, sweet, and energetic. He loves being around people and enjoys spending time with his sisters’ friends as much as he does his own. Luke’s favorite pastime is dressing up Rico, the family dog!

We are fortunate to have Michelle’s father live with us, and Ray’s parents live in a nearby town. All of Ray’s siblings and their families live close by as well, allowing us to gather together often. This is great fun for everyone, and has led to some seriously spoiled grandchildren!

Our Home in South Carolina

Family gatherings, music nights, and social events often take place in our home. Because we live on the lake, we can fish, swim, canoe, ski, and go tubing right in our backyard. Ray built a play area for our children and their friends to enjoy. We live in a 6 bedroom house with an open floor plan. Our bonus room upstairs has a movie projector and activities for the kids to play. We live in a quiet cul-de-sac, but our home is rarely quiet. We love it that way!  There is always something to do at our house.

Our Promise

We promise to raise your child in a home full of faith, love, and laughter. Your child will always know that you chose adoption out of love. He or she will experience love at home, through extended family and friends, and in a supportive church community. We will ensure that your child has access to educational opportunities to fulfill the plans he or she feels led to follow. Lastly, we promise to honor you and keep in touch with you in ways that you are comfortable with. We sincerely hope that you and your child will be blessed on this adoption journey. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Ray & Michelle

An audio message from Ray & Michelle

  Ray Michelle
Our EducationAssociates DegreeMasters in Teaching
Our ProfessionsNetwork engineerMiddle School teacher
Stay-At-HomeNo, but I have winter and spring break with the children.No, but I have winter, spring, and summer break off with the children.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Ray & Michelle's Favorites
Favorite Movie:Star WarsTrolls!
Favorite thing about your spouse:She has a very humorous wit!His ability to laugh at himself!
Favorite Sound:Fan noise - helps me focusChildren's laughter
Favorite Food:Michelle's meatloafPound cake
Favorite Holiday:ChristmasChristmas
Favorite Sport:FootballFootball
Favorite Musical Artist:David Crowder BandTodd Agnew
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We both enjoy working with youth, using our gifts to teach, support, and encourage others. As a family, we volunteer with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, by taking middle school students to the state retreat at the beach every year. We also assist with school lock-ins and work with the children and youth in our church and schools. Michelle holds Bible studies in our home for teenage and young adult women. Ray plays drums in a praise band and helps with the youth band at church as well. We enjoy investing time in young people- it is a source of joy for us.

Our Faith

Our faith is the center of all that we do. We love Jesus and strive to show Him to others every day. It is through our adoption as children of Christ that we have felt led to pursue the miracle of adoption.

Our Musical Interests

We enjoy music in various formats. For the most part, you will hear Christian contemporary music played in our home and in our cars, but we love other forms of music as well. Ray loves playing drums and we both ALWAYS have a song in our heads and are either humming or whistling something!

Our Children

Our children are very excited about our adoption journey! They have been praying for you and your child to feel at home in our household.

Chloe is a conscientious, organized, and thoughtful big sister! Her sense of responsibility and witty sense of humor will be enjoyed by your child.

Your child will also appreciate Meredith's compassion and consideration for others. She has been praying for us to adopt for years and is looking forward to having another family member to spoil!

Luke will provide live entertainment for your child! He sings, dances, and works hard to make sure everyone is smiling!

Your child will immediately be embraced!

About Our Home in South CarolinaThe best thing about our home is that it is centered around children! We have many things for children to do inside and out, and we love that our children's friends want to come over often. Inside they can play the Wii, ping-pong, air hockey, or watch movies on the projector upstairs. Outside they can jump on the trampoline, play on the playground, ride in the boat with us, ride in the canoes, ride bikes, or ride the hoverboard go-cart. Our home has an open floor plan which allows for a lot of interaction between people and is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac. Living on the lake allows us to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors every day!
We live in the state of...South Carolina! We are not far from beaches, mountains, or amusement parks. Though we have a lot of fun things to do at home, we have many places we can go visit and enjoy in SC!
Our TraditionsWe host family gatherings at our house for holidays and other special occasions. Birthdays are important in our family, as each one has its own theme. These are entertaining for everyone that attends! We also set aside "Family Fun Days" where we go different places with the clear intent of spending time together. Christmas is our family's favorite time of year. Christmas movie marathons begin the day after Thanksgiving- the same day we go together to cut down our tree. We love to go out on the boat and enjoy the Christmas lights on the lake with friends. Our favorite activity is attending a local Christmas parade together, where only tractors and horses are allowed to pull floats. It is a great way to celebrate Christmas!
We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 5 years





Sibling Group


Ethnicity of ChildWe are open to any race
Future Contact with Birth FamilyLetters, photos, and visits if you are comfortable.
In Closing

We believe that a happy home is one where laughter is present, where faith is practiced, and love is abundant. We promise that your child will be given opportunities to thrive, and will see his or her value as a member of society. We promise to honor you and nurture your child through adulthood.

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