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A Letter from Michael & Robbin

Hello!  Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us. We know firsthand the joy of adoption as our extended family has already been blessed by the beauty of adoption! We are thrilled to now grow our own and welcome your child into our loving home!  We are excited to include your child in our adventures traveling, attending sporting events, fishing and playing with our friends and family.

We look forward to talking with you and learning more about your own hopes and dreams for your child.  We would love to talk, visit, and get to know you if you are comfortable.

Our Story

We met on a dating website 11 years ago while living in different states. We spent months emailing and talking over the phone getting to know each other.  We are truly best friends and have now been married for 8 incredible years. We grew even closer together while experiencing fertility issues and know that we can lean on each other on all of life’s circumstances. Adoption has always been something we knew we wanted for our family and we are thrilled to now start this journey with you!

We love just being together whether it’s watching our favorite shows, taking a trip somewhere, going on hikes or fishing, it’s being together that make those moments special.   We are excited to share our lives with your child and are excited to show them the world! We also look forward to all of the simple things like evening snuggles, reading stories, and playing board games!

My Wife Robbin

Robbin has a heart that loves deeply. She is constantly going above and beyond to let others know how valued they are. She’s beautiful, smart, selfless, and makes me a better man. I love her goofy personality and her consistent optimistic view on life.  She is a magician in the kitchen and makes the best homemade chili. She listens intently, is an encourager at her core, and forgives easily. Robbin loves to practice and teach Yoga.  She has several yoga teacher certifications, her favorite being Baby/Kid’s Yoga. She loves teaching mothers how to engage with their babies from day one using yoga techniques and she looks forward to using those skills when she becomes a mother.  She also enjoys reading, taking walks, and above all- she loves spending time with her family and friends. Robbin will be an amazing, loving mother!

My Husband Michael

Michael is a faithful man of God. He has a very strong work ethic and has a reputation for integrity. He is adventurous, romantic, protective, and loving. Michael always put me and our relationship first and I know when he becomes a daddy he will put our family before anything else. Children love Michael, anytime he is around them they light up. They love being silly and play together and when they need a strong male role model they look to him. Michael loves to be outdoors. He has a passion for fishing and is excited to show our child the joy of catching a big fish!  He also enjoys playing softball in a men’s league. Michael will be a wonderful father. He will help our child find their confidence and he will love them fiercely.

Our Family

We have an amazing extended family! Michael’s mother has such a warm personality, loves to volunteer, and we love spending time with her. Robbin’s parents have been married for 46 years, are both retired, and are involved in their church. Robbin also has an older brother who has 3 children, all in their teen years, and all excited to welcome a cousin into the fold. Robbin has one cousin that was adopted and has been such an encouragement in this adoption journey. Since Robbin’s mom is first-generation Mexican American there’s always lots of yummy homemade food around at family gatherings. You can usually find us dancing to great music and laughing together!

Our Home in Arizona

We live in a 4 bedroom house with a gated pool and spa in the backyard. Our home is a place where all of our friends and family come to put their feet up and relax. We have a great time having people over to swim, eat BBQ, and play board games. Our neighborhood has several tree-lined green belts with playgrounds, volleyball courts, and beautiful mountain views. We are minutes away from downtown attractions, professional sporting events, golf courses, and a National Park with spectacular hiking trails.

Our Promise To You

We promise to raise your child in a loving Christian home where they will be loved unconditionally and provided for with every opportunity to explore the world with encouragement, support, and safety.  We will laugh, sing, dance, and create with them as they grow and they will always know that they are loved!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for considering us as parents for your child.  We are praying for you and your child and look forward to getting to know you.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Michael & Robbin

  Michael Robbin
Our EducationMaster’s Degree in Organizational Leadership DevelopmentBachelor’s Degree in Child and Adolescent Studies
Our ProfessionsNational Admissions Recruiter- Team LeadFinancial Aid Processor
Stay-At-HomeNoNot currently, but once I become a mother I will be
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian/ItalianCaucasian/Mexican
Some of Michael & Robbin's Favorites
Favorite color?Monterrey BluePink
Favorite dessertRice Krispy treats, brownies, and chocolate chip cookiesChocolate cake with cream cheese frosting
Favorite book?Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present DangerKisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption
Favorite sportFootball and BaseballFootball
Favorite holiday?Christmas - I love to decorate the outside of the house and my goal is to be the most festive in the neighborhoodChristmas - I love to decorate the inside of the house and I love to bake family recipes with my mom and my mother in law
Favorite hobby?Fishing and campingreading, practicing yoga, and watching Hallmark movies with my mom
Favorite vacation spot?ItalyItaly
More About Our Family
Our Journey to Adoption

God put such a strong desire in both of our hearts to be parents. We knew early in our marriage that having a biological child would be very difficult, as we were given a 1-3% chance. Adoption has touched both of our families in different ways. When Robbin was 7 years old her Aunt who was like a second mother to her adopted her son. Robbin remembers watching and celebrating the adoption journey they took. Michael’s mother placed a child for adoption when Michael was 6 years old. Although the placement was closed he has since met his sister and has developed a friendship with her. These experiences, along with the desire God has put on our hearts to become parents is what has lead us to adoption.


As of right now, we like the idea of homeschooling for our child. It will allow them to learn at their individual pace and in their unique learning style, whatever that may be. We don’t believe that there is a one size fits all in terms of learning and teaching. With education comes experience and we are excited to help them experience the world! We look forward to traveling with them and showing them the world. If traditional learning works best for them then that is what we will provide!
We will help them find the opportunities, activities, and/or education that will best lead them to be successful in their dreams.

What We Do For Fun

We love spending time together and with our extended family and friends. We like to go fishing, attend rodeos, go to the movies, watch great concerts, go for bike rides on warm days, play board games, go on hikes, and explore the mountains. We love to go bowling, and traveling to different states to see their MLB baseball fields. When we are home we love hanging out by the pool and BBQing in the summer. We are so thankful to get so many warm months out of the year to spend time outside. We are big Denver Broncos fans and every year we dress up in all orange and blue and cheer them on from the best seats we can get. It's something we look forward to every year and make a fun day out of supporting our favorite NFL team.

Our Home in Arizona

We live in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom house with a gated pool and spa in the backyard. Our home is a place where all of our friends and family come to put their feet up and relax. We have a great time having people over to swim, eat BBQ, and play board games.

Our neighborhood has several tree-lined green belts with playgrounds, volleyball courts, and beautiful mountain views. We are minutes away from downtown attractions, professional sporting events, golf courses, and a National Park with spectacular hiking trails. One thing we love about our community is the large number of family-friendly activities. Our town holds fun activities like a city-wide Easter Egg Hunt and a yearly Harvest Festival filled with games and prizes. During the summer we can go inner tubing down the river and spend days at the lake fishing. There is also a 250-acre zoo and aquarium by our house that is fun to go and explore the wildlife.

TraditionsWe have created traditions that have given us amazing memories. We like to celebrate the holidays with our families by cooking our favorite foods, eating and spending time playing board games and laughing together. For Christmas, we like to go all out decorating our house. Michael is really into making the outside of our home extremely festive. He wants our home to be the most decorative one on the block. We usually spend the weekend after Thanksgiving decorating both the inside and the outside. Robbin loves to spend time baking with both her mother and her mother in law, she has several recipes from both families that have become traditions to make. Every year Robbin makes legendary fudge! That recipe, along with sweet molasses cookies, has been passed down from generation to generation. We always try to make birthdays extra special. The person whose birthday it is gets to choose what they want to do, whether it’s taking a weekend trip somewhere, a special gift, going out to their favorite dinner spot, or throwing a party. Michael is very creative with surprises and always does something special for each holiday, whether it’s a scavenger hunt or special outings.
Our FaithWe believe that as parents one of the most important things we will do is introduce our children to Jesus. We most value faith in God, respect, compassion, and kindness towards ourselves and others, patience, integrity, and loyalty. We will teach our children about the Bible by reading it to them and with them. We attend church on a regular basis and we are involved in activities and groups in our church community and we can't wait to share them with our child.
Our Future Hope and DreamsWe are really happy with our lives and the direction we are growing in. We believe that relationships take effort and a healthy and loving marriage takes intention. Continuing putting that work into our marriage sets a solid foundation for our family. In the next few years, we plan on buying land and building a custom home along with a fishing pond and lots of room for our growing family and dogs to run and play. We want to make it a place where others feel safe and loved.
We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 3 months


We would love twins!


We would be happy with a girl or a boy!

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, Caucasian/Hispanic
Future Contact with Birth FamilyWe would love to keep in contact with pictures, letters, and visits!
In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We look forward to sharing our passion for life with your child and keeping in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits. We hope to hear from you soon!!

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