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A Letter from Shunda

Thank you for considering me for your child. I am so excited to provide your child with a loving, caring and safe environment for them to grow, and learn. God has called me to adopt and I am thrilled to do so. I will create a home for your child to be loved and nurtured with all of their needs met. They will be provided with every opportunity to develop their own unique gifts and talents.

I am fun, love to travel and seek new adventures, and look forward to welcoming your child into my home and heart. I promise to provide them with a stable home life of education, love, and faith. I hope to hear from you soon!

About Me

I am a fun loving, caring, hardworking, educated professional woman excited to grow my family through the joy of adoption. After learning I could not have children, I looked to other options and, after 3 unsuccessful years, turned to God’s guidance and found my heart pulling towards adoption.

I have always had a special place in my heart for children and, through my previous work as a youth minister and substitute teacher, have encouraged countless children and inspired young people to chase their dreams and be their unique self. I look forward to doing the same for your child!

My Interests & Hobbies

I love to HAVE FUN! I enjoy sports, traveling and going on new adventures. I love the outdoors- especially going to a lake or visiting the ocean. It gives me such peace to see Gods work. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, and going to adventure parks (Disney and Great Adventures to name a couple) with family. I visited Sedona AZ and the mountains this past summer; I was in awe of the beauty of nature. I love cruising, traveling internationally, and just having fun and learning new things.

My Faith

I am a Baptist minister and well-grounded within my Christian faith. I was licensed to preach the gospel in 1995, I graduated seminary and was ordained in 2004. Just as I was allowed the chance to find my religion, I will ensure that your child is well educated and allowed to make their own informed religious decision.


My Home in Georgia

I live in my late grandmother’s house which was passed down to me. It is peaceful, full of wonderful memories, and love. The community is wonderful and the house has been recently renovated making it the perfect environment for raising a family. Many of my family members come to my home for gatherings and to share time together as a family. It is always great fun to have them over!

I am looking forward to carrying on the traditions and recipes that have been passed down to me over the years. I already have a room picked out for your child and look forward to playing games with them in the backyard.

My Family- It takes a Village to Raise a Child

I love my family because we are supportive, hard-working, loving, and encouraging of each other. My parents are so looking forward to being grandparents and are thrilled to welcome your child into the family. My mom has already begun preparing the nursery and buying toys in excitement.

My dad’s side of the family gets together for a big family reunion where everyone engages in activities, food, and conversation. There is something for everyone and it is always a big event. There is everything from parks, pools, museums and endless food made by the family.

My mother’s side of the family has its own reunion as well! It is always great fun. I always enjoy time with family and it’s always great to have a mix of generations because we learned from the previous generation and we have an opportunity to encourage the next generation.

My whole family is thrilled for my adoption and look forward to including my child in our family traditions.

My Promise

I promise to love your child unconditionally and provide a home that is inspiring, encouraging, and one filled with learning opportunities and education. I promise to share my faith, teach core values including respect, self-love, humility and a need to help those in need. I am committed to providing a stable home filled with food, family, love, and laughter. I promise your child will travel domestically and internationally and see the world and enjoy new experiences and cultures while learning about themselves and how they came to be part of my family.

That’s my promise to you and to God.

To learn more about me, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Shunda

My EducationMBA and Masters in Theological Seminary
My ProfessionsManaging Director
My Racial BackgroundAfrican American
Some of Shunda's Favorites
What is your favorite thing to doI love traveling. I love to travel domestically and internationally. I also enjoy dancing and spending time with my family.
What is your favorite time of yearI love the holidays because I get to spend quality time with family
What is your favorite foodI love Seafood, Chocolate. and Cakes. Not at the same time!
What are your favorite sports Football NY Giants, love track and field
How do you describe yourselfI describe myself as fun, loving and encouraging
More About My Family
My Special Interests

Some of my personal interests include education, outreach programs, and helping others.

My Faith

Fun loving Christian

My Musical Interest

My love of music varies from Jazz, R&B, Gospel and relaxation station

About My Home

I live in a beautiful and peaceful home that was passed down by my grandmother in a quiet community. It is newly renovated it is the perfect environment to raise a family. During the holidays the family always gets together for good food and fun!

I live in the state of...


I have worked for 27 years and traveled extensively with my job. I have visited 48 states on business and I’m ready to settle down and raise a family in my wonderful state!

My Neighborhood

I live in a diverse, safe, family-oriented and faith-based community with many families and children.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...

Newborn to 2 years old


I would love twins!


Either gender

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 5 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican American, African American/Any Race
Future Contact with Birth Family

I am open to sharing letters, pictures, and visits.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through my website and getting to know me. I am so excited to become a first-time mother and welcome your child into my loving supportive, hard-working family.

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