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A Letter from Marcus & Stephanie

Hello! We are Marcus and Stephanie, and our lovely daughter is Aurora (Rory). We’re a warm, loving, Christian family of three out of Colorado. We value learning, going on adventures, and spending time together with family and friends. As we both grew up in families with adopted relatives, adoption has been a part of our story and journey for a long time. We are very thankful you are here on our page! Welcome, and please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to talk!

About Us

We met at college during our freshman year, and we’ve been together ever since (nearly 14 years!). We were blessed with our daughter Aurora about five years ago and have fallen in love with the joys of raising children.

As a family, we enjoy skiing and snowboarding, romping around the neighborhood with the local families and their kiddos, and when we’re ready to relax, we enjoy having game nights, family dinners, and going to Avalanche ice hockey games. Most nights, we’ll snuggle together before bed with two or three books and share something we’re thankful for. We’re so excited to welcome your child into our lives and share with them our love. We look forward to including them in all of our fun family adventures and can’t wait to make memories together.

Meet Stephanie

Hello! I am really excited to meet you and would be more than happy to be there with you through your pregnancy journey. As your child grows, I am most looking forward to sharing everything I know with them about the World, being present in their lives, and snuggling and loving them.

A little about me – I  am an easy-going person who loves to experience life and enjoy the world around me. I work mostly from home for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, where I get to help folks all over the U.S. protect and conserve nature. I love spending quality time with my family and friends. I’m passionate about skiing and snowboarding in the winter and nature walks in the summer. At home, I love to bake, cook new dishes, build puzzles, and garden.

According to Marcus:
Stephanie is awesome. She’s warm, loving, caring, intelligent, and has a laugh that makes everyone smile. The gravity of her personality is truly astounding. Adults and children alike are drawn to her warmth and compassion. She is a phenomenal mom and an excellent role model for our daughter.

Meet Marcus

I enjoy having a good time with family and friends. In my free time, I love playing hockey, snowboarding, and picking up an instrument to play some music. I’m fortunate to work from home as a senior leader at a luxurious ski resort. This affords me a lot of flexibility with the family! I’m so excited about the chance to participate in the life of your little one and to re-experience the world through their eyes. I can’t wait to share everything I know and learn about their interests alongside them.

According to Stephanie: 
Marcus is amazing! He is an excellent and engaged husband and father who enjoys being a part of our daughter’s life. He is the rock that provides stability and strength for our family and ensures we have all we need and more. Whenever Rory or I are sick or rundown, he goes out of his way to ensure we have everything we need.  Whether it be through ensuring we have the sleep and nutrition to heal physically or the laughs and love to heal emotionally. He is also incredibly kind and doesn’t hesitate to help others in need.

Meet Aurora (our daughter)

Aurora is our 7-year-old daughter. She is warm, loving, and passionate about many things. She enjoys art, adventures at the zoo, and palling around the neighborhood with all the local kids. She’s excited to teach her new sibling “Rory Yoga” and to be a big sister. Rory is informed, involved, and excited about the adoption process.

Colorado, Our Home Sweet Home

We own a beautiful home in a wonderful community. We have a spacious, open play space with an area dedicated to art and creativity and a music room full of instruments. Neighborhood kids often play in the yard. We maintain a large garden, swing set, and, weather permitting- a small ice rink in winter!

Our neighborhood is home to numerous parks, bike paths, and a small, lively town center a mile away. We have an incredible local support network with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. Marcus’ parents even run an in-home daycare! Our house tends to be the holiday meet-up spot where our families converge for dinners and barbeques. Our local schools are fantastic, and the city has a firework show a couple of blocks away from us every 4th of July!

Our Promise

We promise to be loving, patient, and attentive parents for your child. We promise to provide a system of love and support for them at all times. We promise to help guide and encourage them toward their dreams. We promise to help nurture your child throughout their life and always be somewhere they can call home. They’ll be with us as we laugh during game night, huddled up with us as we read books, and will always hear us cheering for them while they participate in their passions.

We look forward to learning about your hopes and dreams for your child, and it would be an honor to get to know you! Whatever your comfort level is, we’d be happy to keep in touch throughout your child’s life.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Marcus & Stephanie

  Marcus Stephanie
Our EducationMaster’s - Marketing and AnalyticsMaster’s - Geospatial Science
Our ProfessionsSr. Manager of Product Operations for Vail Resorts Inc.Sr. Geospatial Analyst for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Marcus & Stephanie's Favorites
Place you've visitedOregon coastGrand Teton, WY & Park City, UT
Annual Holiday Get-TogetherFireworks & BBQ on the 4th or the Christmas PartyOur Christmas Party
Sweet TreatApple fritter (bear claw) from any doughnut shopIce cream on top of a chocolate chip cookie
Movie or TV showYoung Frankenstein by Mel BrooksParks and Rec
Way to Decompress on the WeekendSpontaneity-going into it with no plans! Hiking
Top 3 bandsLed Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone ageFoo Fighters, Journey, Ray LaMontagne
More About Our Family
Our Faith

We are a Christian family! Marcus was brought up in the Catholic tradition, and Stephanie was raised in the Lutheran faith. We are members of an ELCA Lutheran church located a few minutes from our home. We attend Sunday service somewhat regularly (conflicts arise occasionally) and volunteer to assist with youth class when needed. Our daughter Aurora (Rory) has participated in the children's program for the last couple of years as well.

Our beliefs are anchored around the notion that we exist as one world. All things are meant to thrive, and it's our responsibility to learn about, understand our relationship with, and nurture these things. Learn all you can, use Jesus' love and compassion as your compass, and engage with life.

Our Holiday Traditions

Our home tends to be the main meet-up spot for all holidays. It's not uncommon to have 20+ family members and friends around the table for Thanksgiving or around the tree on Christmas. For the 4th of July, our neighborhood hosts one of the largest fireworks shows in the area! We barbeque, play yard games, and watch the fireworks all night long!

Our Thoughts on the Importance of Education

We're both big advocates of education and have completed numerous colligate programs. This has continued into adulthood, and we still take the time to learn continually. We believe that taking the time to understand all we can, whether the cycles of nature or how statistics and analytics are properly applied, are invaluable tools that allow us to positively interact and participate with the world around us. Taking the time to understand can alleviate so much frustration and unlock doors. This is something we've taken care to teach to our daughter and will teach your child as well.

What About Vacations?

Our regular vacation spots in the summer include the Oregon Coast, the Great Lakes region, the Rocky Mountains from Colorado north to Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. In the winter, we like to travel to different regions to ski and snowboard. In the next couple of years, we're hoping to visit our family in Scotland, take a ski trip to Vermont/New York/New Hampshire and visit either Disneyland or Disneyworld!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 years old


Any race!



In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! We have so much love to give and are so excited to share our adventures, holidays, and world with your child. We hope to hear from you soon and get to know you more. Whatever your comfort level is, we're willing to keep in touch through your child’s life. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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