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A Letter from Cody & Hannah


We’re Cody and Hannah.  We’re dedicated, hard-working farmers, looking forward to welcoming our first child through adoption. We are super excited to become parents and share our knowledge and love with your child. We love farming and the great outdoors, which is where we spend most of our time.  God has pointed us to adoption for our family and we are excited to do so. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

About us

We’ve been married for six years and are hard-working farmers and ranchers.  We farm 2500 acres of cropland and have 600 cow/calf pairs with Cody’s youngest brother and dad. Working cows together is one of our favorite thing to do at the farm, which means we’re outdoors a lot, which we love. We also enjoy working in our yard, renovating our house, and playing games together- mostly dominoes.  We are looking forward to involving your child on the farm, teaching them about animals, and how to run a tractor. We are also excited to share with them our love for farm-fresh foods from Hannah’s garden, bees, and chickens.  We will teach your child the importance of knowing Jesus, being involved in your community, and the value of having a church family. Most of all, we are excited to share our love with your child and see the world anew through their eyes.

About Cody

Cody is a dependable, light-hearted individual. He keeps things at the farm organized and running smoothly. He takes pride in his work and loves to laugh as well as make others laugh. He loves breakfast for any meal of the day and has a soft spot for kitties! He enjoys working on machinery, welding, and keeping our yard well kept. He’s very good a fabricating steel to fit whatever he needs it for. I know Cody will be a great dad. He’s patient when teaching others and takes his responsibilities very seriously.  He’s looking forward to teaching our child about the farm and how to run machinery safely.  He’s most excited to be a dad so he can share his love of the land and farming.

About Hannah

My wife Hannah is a loving individual inside and out. She enjoys taking care of her garden, flowers, bees, and chickens.  Hannah is passionate about her work, sensitive to the world around her, and enjoys laughing. She is very compassionate, kind and truly connects with others on an emotional level. I have seen her take care of her nieces and nephews and know that she will be a loving and caring mother. Some of the things she’s most looking forward to sharing with our child is her love of all nature, and her desire to take care of it. She is also excited to share her love of music and singing, and her love of the Bible.

Our home in North Dakota

Our home is located on a 5-acre “farm” that sits below the hills and is located in a beautiful and quiet open area. We are mostly surrounded by conservation land so we encounter a lot of nature on a day to day basis. We have an older home that we are fixing up room by room and truly making it our own. We love our home because we have put so much energy into it and have made it really reflective of who we are. We have a lovely old barn, a red chicken house for Hannah’s chickens and, on the south side of the property, is Hannah’s beehive. We love how connected our home is to the land and the calm serenity around us.

Our Family

Cody has two brothers; they’re both married and have children and live close by, and Cody’s parents are only a few miles away. We farm with Cody’s dad and youngest brother, so we spend time with them daily. Hannah has an older sister who is married with three kids and lives only half an hour away. We frequently spend Sunday afternoons, after church, with Hannah’s sisters’ family. Her younger brother is married with kids and lives close to her parents, who live about an hour away. We spend; holidays, and birthdays, and summer days, and fall days and all days with both sides of the family. They are thrilled for our adoption and look forward to including your child in all of our family fun and traditions!

Our promise

Our promise to you is that we will provide your child with a loving and caring growing environment for them to call their own. We promise to support and encourage them in every way possible and to guide them to be the person God made them to be. We promise to love, raise, and cherish your child throughout our lives. We promise to speak of you with love and share with them their story. We are open to staying in touch through letters, photos, and visits. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Cody & Hannah

  Cody Hannah
Our EducationAssociatesBachelor's
Our ProfessionsFarmerFarmer
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Cody & Hannah's Favorites
What is your favorite thing to watch?Discovery and historyLove syfi. Anything far out and unbelievable
What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?Mow the lawnLove gardening and harvesting the produce
What is your favorite animal?KittiesLove kitties. Cows and chickens are a close second.
Thing to eat for breakfastEggs, toast, hashbrownsEggs, bacon and hashbrowns
Favorite thing to drinkDiet mt. DewCoffee. So much coffee
Favorite seasonFallSpring
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Hannah likes: Gardening. Bees. Chickens. Loves baking. Canning. Flowers. Nature in general. Animals, all kinds.
Cody likes: Nature. Road trips. Informational reading. Loves farming machinery. Loves learning others farming techniques.

Our Faith

We believe in Jesus Christ and that he was sent to save us. The bible is God's special word to guide us, teach us. We believe a Christian needs to be involved with other believers for encouragement and accountability.

Our Musical Interest

Hannah loves most anything! Classical, rock, bluegrass, Celtic and a little bit of country. She loves movie soundtracks and sometimes even listen to Gregorian Chant.

Cody loves most music! Country, rap, 80's, rock- mostly likes playing music for background noise as he works.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 5 years old.


Yes! We would love twins.


Any! We would love a boy or girl.

Sibling Group

Yes with the oldest up to 6 years old.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are so excited to welcome your child in our lives, love them, teach them about life, and support them as they grow into the person God made for them to be. We would love to speak with you and get to know you. We are open to staying in touch by sharing photos and letters and visits with you.

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