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A Letter from Clinton & Jenni

Greetings from beautiful Oregon! Our hearts and arms are ready to welcome your baby as we begin the journey of parenthood! Our home provides a stable environment rooted in faith and abounding in love and vibrant joy! We value community, education, travel, and celebrating everyday life. Our home is a place where your baby will always know how deeply they are loved by us, by you, and by God. We look forward to staying connected through any channel you are comfortable with.

About Us

Our story begins 18 years ago when we first met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Our lives continued to intersect off and on, and finally, 10 years later, we started dating. We’ve been married for almost 6 years now and are thankful every day for the gift of each other!

On the home front and in our free time we enjoy cooking together, serving as active members in our church, exploring the gorgeous Oregon coast, traveling to see friends and family, and sharing our many blessings through hospitality and community outreach.

Our family vision has always included the hope of adoption. After a journey with infertility, we’ve been led to this path and we can think of no greater joy than welcoming your child to our family through adoption. We are excited to share our library of favorite stories, our passion for traveling together, and our love of nature with your child! We also look forward to creating new family traditions!

About Clinton

I am blessed to have such a caring and compassionate husband! Clinton is employed as a university chemistry instructor and finds the work of educating young adults very rewarding. He loves me dearly, and also loves good conversations and a cup of coffee with old and new friends alike. He enjoys national and international travel, time with family and friends, scenic hikes, and serving others. Clinton’s known for his kind, generous, and approachable personality. Clinton looks forward to special son or daughter adventures that encourage creativity like science experiments, backyard campouts, Lego creations, and fishing trips!

About Jenni

Jenni is an amazing organizer, gracious hostess, and committed, supportive wife. She has a smile that lights up a room and is characteristically cheerful, energetic, and outgoing. When not working from her home office as a communications specialist, you will often find her decorating, baking, or working in her flower garden. Jenni’s faith is deep and she has a love for people that shines out in her spirit of friendliness. Jenni is a magnet for children and they seem to immediately fall in love with her. If there is a baby in the room, chances are you will find Jenni holding it. She is looking forward to around the clock baby snuggles, teaching our child fun songs, and hosting memorable playdates and birthday parties for them.

Our Home in Oregon

We love the cozy ambiance of our 1930’s Dutch Colonial home here in Oregon. It is wonderfully warm and welcoming and we are ready to fill one of our four bedrooms with a new addition to our family! Our home also has three bathrooms, a large basement space, and a backyard perfect for playtime and family fun outside. Our neighborhood is peaceful and full of generous and friendly neighbors. We are a quick 15 minutes from family, shopping, work, and daily activities.

Our Family

Clinton has three siblings, Jenni has one, and between both families, we have nine fantastic nieces and nephews! We are incredibly blessed to both have close, loving, and supportive families who are all excited to welcome and love a new grandchild, cousin, niece, or nephew!

We cherish time spent with children and youth through our extensive network of immediate and extended family, church family, friends, and neighbors. Between both of our large extended families, 21 children are adopted and it’s a beautiful privilege and gift that our family knows well! Our families value gatherings and time spent together for meals, activities, camping trips, and more as often as we can!

Our Promise

We promise to raise your baby in a financially stable home where they will always feel safe and supported emotionally, physically, and spiritually. We promise to provide them with a home full of faith, joy, laughter, and unconditional love, where education is prioritized and creativity is nurtured. We promise to provide your child with every opportunity to thrive in life and to encourage their God-given talents. We promise an open relationship to share letters, pictures, texts, video chats, emails, and/or visits at your comfort level.

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Clinton & Jenni

  Clinton Jenni
Our EducationPharmacy DoctoralBachelor of Science in Business and Communications
Our ProfessionsUniversity Professor, Pharmacist Communications Specialist
Stay-At-HomeNoWill be stay-at-home mom when baby arrives
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Clinton & Jenni's Favorites
Season in OregonSpringEarly Fall
Meal of the DayBrunchBreakfast
Summertime ActivityBeach campfiresBackyard BBQs
Starbucks OrderAmericanoVanilla Chai
Psalm in the BiblePsalm 8Psalm 139
Ice Cream FlavorButter PecanChocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite HolidayThanksgivingChristmas
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Clinton: Collecting books of all kinds, cooking, coffee, snow skiing, hiking, and National Parks.

Jenni: Interior and floral design, baking, antiquing, chocolate, and quality time with family and friends.

Our Faith

Our faith is the center of our home. We are both born-again Christians and we are thankful for our strong national and international church family. Daily Bible reading, worship through song, Bible studies and prayer meetings with our church family, and weekly church attendance help us stay close and connected with Jesus.

We are very active with our local church congregation. We serve as part of the leadership team and support our church family and community by engaging in hospitality, assisting in worship services, planning and hosting events, and organizing volunteer and charitable outreach.

We live in the state of

Oregon! We love living in the Willamette Valley which is rich in vineyards, farms, and forests. Our home is a short drive from the coast, mountains, and high desert which all provide endless opportunities for hiking, camping, skiing, and so much more! The Oregon coast is our favorite for weekend getaways. Up and down the coastline there is so much diversity and breathtaking beauty! Every year on our anniversary we choose a new beach town to visit and they never disappoint!

Our Neighborhood

We are so thankful for our peaceful and friendly neighborhood! We are the youngest family on our stretch of the street, and many of our retired neighbors are always willing to lend a hand, water plants when we're away, and deliver fresh baked goods! Our neighborhood overlooks the local city with beautiful views of the nearby mountains and we love to take walks in the evenings! Local schools are highly rated and we have great parks, a library, and other recreation close by.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to one year.


We would be delighted with twins!


Any Gender.

Ethnicity of Child

Any Ethnicity.

In Closing

We are grateful to share a bit about our life with you! We look forward to becoming first-time parents through adoption. We care deeply about your story and pray daily for you. We absolutely welcome your outreach and would be delighted to learn more about you and how our family could become home for your precious baby.

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